A preview of a track to be released on the fourth album in the Brave New World series, sometime late 2015 – early 2016.

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Truth, Lies, Optimism, Negativity & Authentic World Peace

I will never lie to you, but I will lie to myself. I will convince myself I am good and strong enough to stand in front of a crowd with rocks in their hands, ready to fling them as hard as they can as my knees shake and my voice breaks. I will explode with anger and blood vessels will burst – sense will be made and sense will be shattered. My heart will ache and my heart will love, but I will never lie to you. Ever.

Truth is valuable and it helps us grow. We should share the truth as much as we can. What is the truth? What the fuck is the truth? Well, I don’t fucking know… something true? Something we know or feel to be not a lie. We can argue on this all day, but what happens when someone tells you one thing and another person tells you something else and you sit there with a look on your face wondering what the fuck is going on? It will happen to you; it’s happened to me. It happens all the damn time and rarely anything ever comes from it except a confusing feeling that something isn’t right. Well, that’s because something is terribly wrong and I don’t know what it is, all I know is lies are everywhere and lies are bad. Is that being negative? Well, fuck your optimism if it’s blind and ignorant because I’d rather be negative than be a sucker chump, even though it’s inevitable because we’re all sucker chumps – well, most of us.

Negativity is bad, nobody likes negativity it means something is bad and nothing can possibly be bad – we must surround ourselves with people who lick our assholes clean and tell us we are beautiful so we feel good about ourselves all the time because any form of criticism or negativity will shatter the illusion and that is .. bad… I mean good…

Whatever. Look, it’s Authentic World Peace !