I’ve Moved On To Better Things

I’m sorry but I’ve moved on to screenwriting as I’m over all the bullshit associated with music (not saying there’s no bullshit in film, but, I have a firmer grasp of writing and storytelling than I do in getting a performance going and signing artists and in general being a sucker chump). I much prefer to be where I am and it’s where I should have always been.

I have, unfortunately, taken the book that was up here down. I am sorry for the inconvenience and for not publishing the end. I will be working on getting a complete version published in the coming months and then and only then will I release it to you – my lovable readers – for a hefty discount.

Thank you for reading everything. I may begin a new blog at some point in the future or I may return to this – I will do whatever needs be done and let you know accordingly by updating this with that -possibly final- tidbit of information.

I cannot stress how much I love to write which is what led me to music creation in the first place, though with music it was far more therapeutic for my psych at the time and helped me in many, many ways to become a better person. It also helped with understanding mood, it will help in the future as I move from screenwriting into directing. Most of the directors I’ve dealt with when I was making music for them was that they didn’t know how to talk to musicians and we hit walls of a Berlin level. Hopefully… whatever, why am I telling you all this? I’m an open book, that’s why and my weaknesses are there for your mockery.

Moving on – laugh, cry – shit on a baby. I’m currently working on two screenplays, one of which is so fucking good I cannot mention much as well, shit I love it. It’s culturally profound and has been written out of history. THROW MONEY AT ME NOW. Do it. The other is the story of my time in Melbourne, compressed into a touching story of stupidity and drugs, love lost and more stupidity. Did I mention stupidity? Plenty of that. THROW MONEY AT ME NOW. Both these are about halfway to completion, the latter much closer (duh, I know the story like the back of my hand and it’s been 10 years so it’s like watching a film, for me).

How much money will I need? Well, the big one, the epic Australian drama will require A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY. That is partly the reason I am making the other one, a shorter comedy film which will maybe need $10-20k at most. I am saving that money myself so if you wanna give me money and speed it along, do so… please. So, where were we? Oh yeah, begging for scraps. The epic will need so much fucking money I don’t want to think about it right now. God damn’d costumes and sets will be a chore but maybe we can put it together using old hemp and make it for $50. It will suck. You know it. Hell, I don’t even want your money, I’m just trying to be funny. That shit is a couple of years away from production so I’ll start begging for money when it’s closer to pre-production. HOWEVER – if you are a curious mother fucker and you want to know more (in a year) then set a reminder on your calender and email me @ sweatshoprecordz@gmail.com and I will begin the process of swindling you of your hard earned cash and in return will pop out the best damn Australian movie you’ll ever fucking see. I promise. Ok, maybe not better than Wake in Fright but waaaay better than ‘Australia’. Is that even worth mentioning? I mean, I know it’s low, so let’s talk about … nah, I’m done with it.

Thanks for reading. We’ll see each other again. Even if it’s me appearing in your sexy fantasy dreams. It will be done.


The Book

So, as you may know, I’ve been publishing my book on this blog. It’s actually finished and I’m just tormenting you all with being a lazy mother fucker. That’s a half-truth, actually. Truth is, I’m overwhelmed and I need a fucking break. I have nobody helping me with music at all. Nobody is holding me up and I get screwed around a lot by people who say they will help and end up just being talking machines who vanish at the first sight of actual work. The same applies with this damn book. My friends, if I can call them that, are full of words that never amount to anything. I want people to read it and give me some criticism; do I see it? Shit, do they actually read the fucking thing? I have no fucking clue because, again, when the time comes they are gone.

So, you know, I took a long hard deep look at myself and tried to figure it all out. It must be me. I must be an asshole and nobody wants to help an asshole, amirite? I mean, Lou Reed was an asshole and now he’s dead. Picasso was an asshole and now he’s dead. I don’t mean to compare myself to them on an artistic level, just the asshole level. So take it with a grain of salt and maybe some pepper. Assholes are assholes because they have a lot invested in their shit. Like a boss. Bosses are assholes, why? Well, cause they just want to get the job done and they’re clueless as to how to do it without being an asshole. Assholes cut through the bullshit and people loooove bullshit. They want to bathe in it and smell like it. Ok, wait, this is supposed to be about me. I’m the asshole, I am the one who poops the shit out cause I don’t want it blocking up my fucking sphincter. I want a clean ass and a hole that works. I got rid of the deadwood and now I’ve got nothing. SHIT.

Anyway, rant over. Book is coming, more music is coming – I just need to finish this holiday of mine and thy will be done. Heaven and Hell is on Earth, yo.


Dreamland by Sun City Girls

This song… this song is fucking awesome.

I’m gonna show you how wrong you are and how fucking right I am !

This is for You

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Thanks for listening!


A preview of a track to be released on the fourth album in the Brave New World series, sometime late 2015 – early 2016.

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